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How often the air conditioner filters should be replacing?

The skilled technicians always recommend replacing filters after 30 days, or at least test out them every month. If you have pets we highly recommend replacing filters monthly. It is also a fine idea to write the date on the filter, that way you will not overlook and AC repair technicians know if they should change them out on a service call.

Is a noisy air conditioning unit a problem?

If your air conditioning system is running noisy, probabilities are that the compressor is having problems adjusted with the temperature and could require work.

When should I have my AC charged?

Air conditioners are closed systems, which mean that refrigerant should never run away from the system. Therefore, regular charges are needless. The only time you’ll need to charge your air conditioner is if there is a leak present. If you do have a leak, have an expert repair it without delay.

Do I really need a heating system cleaning every year?

Yes! Not only does a heating system cleaning get better the performance and effectiveness of your system, most company warranties need annual service to maintain the warranty.

Which is the finest Air Conditioner?

The finest air conditioner is one that makes your home most relaxed. Not only should it be able to cool your residence properly, but it should also be lucrative and energy-efficient.