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The time to perform AC OR HVAC maintenance is before you need it. It is suggested to check your HVAC system before the mid-years of summers so that, you can assure that your AC will work properly. This will keep your home cool.

When you perform some routine experiences on your cooling system in the mid of spring so that you can be prepared for summer. Your components of AC OR HVAC are on both sides, you to be supposed to check both sides.

  1. POWER OFF THE UNIT: The best and dependable way for AC maintenance is to switch off the power before you begin to check the system. By switching off the AC you can ensure a deep clean and safely perform everything.
  2. CLEAR DEBRIS: Open your AC and remove all the gunk, leaves, dust and other debris that enter your system. It is very important to clean your AC as dust will reduce the airflow in the system.
  3. CLEAN THE AIR CONDITIONER COILS: The air conditioner coils collect dirt all the time in the evaporator and condenser. This will reduce the airflow, affect the coils and minimize its ability to absorb the heat.
  4. FIX AIR LEAKS: For finding the leakage in window units you can simply use a trick. Light an incense stick and hold it where the window frame meets the unit. The smoke will blow from gaps and you will get the leakage. Use foil tape to seal the gaps and stuff foam between the device and window frame.
  5. CHECK INSULATION: The thick insulation line that passes through your AC gets broken by sun contact so you should regularly get it checked by a professional for any type of damaging that is happening with pipes.

Many people try to repair or maintain their AC by themselves but it is better to hire an expert as a lot of ac companies are available today in the market that provides their professional services at affordable rates. Moreover trying to repair or maintain AC by oneself can cause more damage to the AC unit. Thus whenever you need to maintain or replace your AC unit it is better to hire an expert.